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High End Audio for the Real World

Have you ever gone to an audio salon and listened to $20,000 worth of equipment, but found yourself wanting to leave after 20 minutes?  So have we.  While we offer fantastic systems at the upper range of the spectrum,  we also recognize that a fine audio system is a synergistic whole, and that it should not have to cost as much as a car to provide a deeply satisfying listening experience. We are dedicated to helping you choose the right combination of equipment to fit your lifestyle

Throughout the years we have fine tuned our inventory to include what we feel is some of the best in audio equipment and electronics. In addition, we offer a very comprehensive repair service specializing in loud speakers and vintage equipment. Do you have an old speaker that you really like and want to restore? You've come to the right place. We can ship most items world wide and offer a warranty on all our products and services.

In addition to selling some of the finest audio product lines, we have been manufacturing and selling our own speaker line for over twenty five years, with thousands of satisfied customers. Our speakers use an ambient recovery system that produces an astounding soundstage, clarity and depth ...at a price you can actually afford. Pair these speakers with some fine electronics and the result will be a system that that you’ll enjoy for years

We also have demo and classic used gear, at great prices.

If you have any questions, or would like more information call us at 708-695-5769 or stop in and enjoy your favorite piece of music in our listening room.


                                                                  Happy Listening


                                                                  last updated 02/15/2022