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In addition to manufacturing loudspeakers, we offer expert repair and upgrades of vintage loudspeakers. Most of the these repairs fall under the categories of crossover upgrades or surround replacements.

            Crossover Upgrades

An increasingly popular service we provide is upgrading the crossovers and internal wiring of vintage loudspeakers. In many cases the crossover components simply fail or slowly drift out of spec over time. Even if the parts are still in spec, modern day parts such as capacitors and inductors are often of a much higher quality than was available to loudspeaker designers decades ago. We work with you to decide what would yield the best audible improvement to your vintage loudspeaker. Since this is very much a custom service, please call us and we can discuss.

            Surround Replacement

While there have undeniably been great strides in speaker technology over the years, many would be surprised at the sound of refurbished quality speakers such as old ARs or Advents. Unfortunately, the surrounds on the majority of these speakers have severely degraded over time, making them unusable.

In the many of cases, replacing the surround will bring the driver back to like-new performance.

We strongly recommend that you repair the original driver of your loudspeaker. Replacing the driver with a different one may seem easier or even cheaper, but will result in worse performance 99 percent of the time. This is because all design parameters for a loudspeaker are tailored for the specific drivers employed. A different woofer may sound different, but almost never better.

If only one woofer is showing signs obvious signs of deterioration, do yourself a favor and have them both redone. Experience has shown us time and time again that if only one is repaired, you will eventually turn up the volume to the point where the new woofer will sound great, and the surround on the other one will fail, and then require repair. It might not happen today, or even tomorrow, but it will happen sooner rather than later. So repair them both.

            Van L Repairs vs. DIY Kits

Surround repair kits available from various sources on the net, and we have re-repaired many drivers that have been fixed with these kits.  There are a few key things to keep in mind when comparing the DIY method with our expert repair service.

- Sound.   We *mechanically*  center the voice coil when repairing your driver. Physically centering the voice coil with shims, etc. in most cases will not correctly align the voice coil. The result will be voice coil rub and increased distortion.

- Materials.  We use a special  type of flexible glue designed for this application. This is not the same glue you get with the surround kits!

- Experience.   We started out building our own drivers many years ago, so we are familiar with every driver-related problem to be aware of. You can trust we will do it right the first time.

We can also custom fit surrounds for drivers that are hard to find or that do not conform to U.S. standard sizes, such as the A/D/S 7" drivers

         Tips for Shipping Your Repairs

If you would like us to repair your drivers, follow these basic steps to ensure your equipment will reach us safely. Remove them from the cabinets and mark each positive and negative wire prior to disconnection. Then place them so the surrounds face each other,  using wire to hold them firmly together for shipping. Use enough packing material or newspaper to support the frames during shipping.

In some cases (for example, some speakers with wrap-around grill cloth) it may not be possible to easily remove the drivers. We can perform this service but there may be additional labor costs in those instances.

Please give us a call before shipping so we can discuss any special circumstances and make sure the repair is the correct course of action.

Surround replacements are backed by a 5 year warrantee on parts and labor

Repairs require seven working days.

Surround repair price list*



4 inch

$60 each

5 1/2 inch

$70 each

6 1/2 inch

$75 each

8 inch

$85 each

10 inch

$90 each

12 inch

$95 each

15 inch

$110 each

18 inch

$125 each

                * Prices for passive radiators are the same as for regular drivers