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                                        Quartet FS

We are in the process of finalizing the design of the Quartet FS, a floorstanding version of our Quartet, in a form factor similar to our Silhouette.

The Quartet FS crossover is a 1st order series design with only 4 high quality elements in the signal path. Parts include Alpha-Core inductors, Clarity capacitors and Dueland resistors, parts typically found in speakers selling for $15,000 and up. During assembly of the crossover, all contact points are first crimped, then soldered with WBT lead-free silver. All wiring is point-to-point (no circuit boards). All crossover elements are rubber mounted to isolate them from the cabinet for improved dynamics and clarity. This attention to detail shows throughout the Quartet FS, from the cabinetry to the specially designed drivers, to the terminals. Like earlier versions, the Quartet employs ambient recovery technology, explained in more detail in a paper we have available here. We use dual voice coil drivers and an additional connection between the speakers to pass the differential information between the two speakers .

So how does it sound?

Well...we know that you have heard the term "breakthrough" enough times to be somewhat cynical, but this circuitry really works. The combination of the ambient recovery circuitry, custom designed drivers, painstaking attention to detail, and hours of listening tests have produced an outstanding result. This is a speaker that is wonderfully detailed, yet non-fatiguing, and produces a wide soundstage and a much larger than usual sweet spot. This is very useful in apartments where space restrictions and lots of boundary problems can hinder full soundstage reproduction.  But put them in a bigger room, turn it up, and they kick ass when the source material calls for it!

Stay tuned for more details and photos!

                                                                  last updated 02/15/2022